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CTV advertising

3 Key Trends in CTV Advertising

CTV is a hot topic that’s been accelerated since 2020. It’s an excellent way for brands to reach audiences in another way and we explain...
Digital savvy consumer

Ad Revenue: The Largest Growth in History

Ad revenue is experiencing its largest growth in history. With new progress in CTV, e-commerce, and data privacy, do...
People at work

How to Contribute to Data Ethics

Publishers, advertisers, and consumers all have a key role to play when it comes to ensuring good data ethics. We tell...
Adweek Convergent Futures

Convergent Futures: 2022 Adweek Global Theme

2022 will involve building new systems and refining the products and tools that drive consumer engagement – read on...
Video advertising

6 Challenges to Make Data a Lever for Video Advertising

There are new challenges but also plenty of new opportunities when it comes to video advertising. We've got 6 ways to...
The future of journalism

The Future of Journalism: How Ethics Can Drive Engagement

Transparency and trust will play a crucial role in the future of journalism. Here are 3 practical ethical principles...

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