Monetize Owned-Data with Our First-Party Data Management Solutions

Publishers can free themselves from third-party cookies and profiles using our advanced first-party data management platform and predictive modeling capabilities. Get high-quality profiles ready to work and deliver 100% addressability.

First-Party Data Management Simplified

Sit back and let our data management solutions work for you. Whatever audience data sets you've got, our advanced technology is ready to handle them hassle-free.


Leave Nothing Behind

Release yourself from relying on external data sources by transforming all your diverse and disconnected first-party data.


Perfect Your Data

Never miss another activation opportunity with real-time data enrichment at scale: complete, relevant and accurate.


Make A Great First Impression

Boost your business. Achieve 100% addressability through new audience insights and precisely targeted segments.

Success Stories

+18% YOY-growth in audience campaign sales
+100% CPM
2x-4x Scale of audience segments

"1plusX allowed South China Morning Post to bring together disparate data sources – such as polling, ad log, and CRM data – and structure it in one space. Within six months, we were able to identify and target with first-party data 75%+ of our returning users, a massive improvement from our previous DMP."

Ian Hocking
Ian Hocking VP Digital, South China Morning Post

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