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Data monetization

Data Monetization (in a Privacy-first World) for Publishers

Data monetization is one of the new opportunities for companies that process vast amounts of data to develop an economically tangible benefit. This will also let companies make data-driven decisions that'll boost overall...
Stop 3rd-Party Cookie Deprecation From Impacting Revenues

Stop 3rd-Party Cookie Deprecation From Impacting Revenues

Publishers too dependent on 3rd party data are often skeptical about creating a privacy-friendly infrastructure that...

How Publishers Can Keep Up with Digital Advertising Privacy Changes

Technologies such as DMP and clean rooms can help publishers and advertisers stay on top in a digital advertising...
First-party relationships

Publishers, Take Back Control (with First-Party Data)!

Stricter privacy regulations can be an opportunity for publishers who have plenty of their customers' data. Here's how...
People-based marketing: the final frontier

People-Based Marketing: The Final Frontier

People-based marketing means putting customers front and center and knowing them fully to offer them a value-exchange...

Data-Rich, Insight-Poor: It’s Not About Data Quantity but How You Use It

In a privacy-centric advertising landscape, the data at your disposal can determine your business wealth and...

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