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First-party relationships

Publishers, Take Back Control (with First-Party Data)!

Stricter privacy regulations can be an opportunity for publishers who have plenty of their customers' data. Here's how they can harness...
People-based marketing: the final frontier

People-Based Marketing: The Final Frontier

People-based marketing means putting customers front and center and knowing them fully to offer them a value-exchange...

Data-Rich, Insight-Poor: It’s Not About Data Quantity but How You Use It

In a privacy-centric advertising landscape, the data at your disposal can determine your business wealth and...
Audience activation

From Data to Personalized Experiences: The Process of Audience Activation

By capturing the right data with the right predictive capabilities, you can activate your audience and offer a standout...
Audience targeting

Audience Targeting for Publishers Starts with First-Party Data

By using first-party data, publishers can turn it into highly defined audience types, sell directly to advertisers at...
Contextual vs Behavioral

Contextual vs. Behavioral Targeting: Building Trust and Revenue in a (Third-Party) Cookieless World

Why consider contextual vs. behavioral targeting when you can get the best of both worlds with a single data management...

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