Effectively Reach Your Audiences With Our Connected TV Solutions

Uncover precise targeting and content engagement opportunities for personalized CTV audience connections. Our award-winning predictive modeling capabilities deliver the unique CTV support media owners need to achieve highly accurate audience reach.

Captivate Viewers and Drive Revenue

Attention is a resource - a person has only so much of it. Activate your first-party data to accurately target and reach lucrative audiences, regardless of the CTV delivery device. Our CTV solutions are tailor-made for the privacy age.


Protect and Grow Revenues

Build a resilient first-party data enrichment and activation strategy with us that ensures you maintain and increase your profits long-term.


Reduce ID Reliance

Use your first-party data to reach CTV audiences independent of device and without relying on other identifiers.


Sharpen Your Targeting

Activate your first-party data and directly address your audiences with personalized content and ads.

Success Stories

+18% YOY-growth in audience campaign sales
+100% CPM
2x-4x Scale of audience segments

‘’Working with 1plusX allowed us to break free from several third-party data providers and switch to a 100% in-house data strategy in time for GDPR's enforcement. We were able to increase our targeting revenues by 18% while most media companies were experiencing shrinking revenues. Since the start of our collaboration, the CPM of targeting campaigns, as well as the value of data segments has been on a steady rise.’’

Axel Springer
Carsten Schwecke CEO of Axel Springer All Media GmbH & co. KG

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