Media Impact Doubles CPMs with 1plusX First-Party Data Partnership

YOY increase in audience campaign sales
increase in CPM
scale of audience segments

The starting point

Media Impact is a leading digital publisher sales house in Europe, part of media group Axel Springer, offering creative and custom cross-media solutions for advertisers. Combining the cross-media power and quality reach of Axel Springer brands such as BILD, Welt, and Business Insider with intelligent technology and creative solutions, Media Impact delivers maximum advertising impact.

When the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) was announced, Media Impact made the high stakes decision to shift to a first-party only data strategy. The potential risks included: the pressure of increased prices, inability to build segments with sufficient reach, creating in-house segments that didn’t perform as well as third-party marketplace segments, and the possibility of losing a significant portion of media campaigns if unable to deliver the segment marketers and agencies expected.

Media Impact’s overall goal was to build a content-based first-party data rate card to display its core strength: targeting based on reading behavior.

Axel Springer monitors users on a daily basis across its domains, which allows the publisher to understand exactly what interests its audience and target niche interests. Additionally, Media Impact needed to build targeting segments relying on current in-house resources without additional costs that would impact margins.

The project

Media Impact looked for a data management solution capable of delivering robust lookalike audiences to overcome the risk of creating segments with reduced reach, plus a flexible approach to building interest-based segments without a fixed-rate card.

It chose 1plusX due to the provider’s innovative approach that enabled the creation of bespoke segments on demand. 1plusX also offered data enrichment and machine learning functionality to fill audience information gaps with predictive audience matching. 1plusX stood out as a partner who understood and could deliver on Media Impact’s goal to build an extensive first-party, in-house rate card.

Media Impact’s success story

Partnering with 1plusX enabled Media Impact to increase Axel Springer’s inventory performance as well as reduce its data costs significantly. Specifically, it was able to successfully develop and launch its own extensive first-party rate card, and to target dynamically on reading behavior by creating custom segments and cohorts based on client briefings. It also helped to ease pressure on pricing for targeted campaigns, as CPMs increased without additional payments to external data providers.

The partnership has resulted in:

  • An increase in CPM of about 100% for targeted campaigns
  • An 18% growth in sales of targeted campaigns
  • A two-to-four fold increase in audience size, with more sellable audience profiles
  • Doubling targeted campaign share of the revenue from 2019 to 2021
  • Over 300 interest and intent segments based on first-party data

As the digital media industry shifts towards first-party data strategies and away from cookie reliance, Media Impact is already of the game.

Today Media Impact is using a variety of 1plusX solutions, including audience targeting, contextual targeting, first impression targeting, audience activation, custom data ingestion, ad log ingestion, and audience expansion. It started with a soft launch in 2017, followed by a cutover at the beginning of 2018 ahead of the GDPR introduction, where it removed all third-party data and relied exclusively on first-party, using 1plusX’s AI-driven capabilities to fill audience profile gaps.

By partnering with 1plusX, Media Impact affords Axel Springer a competitive advantage, which means the publisher is able to withstand current – and future – industry disruptions.

Media Impact doubled their CPMs thanks to 1plusX’s first-party data partnership.