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Audience targeting

Audience Targeting for Publishers Starts with First-Party Data

By using first-party data, publishers can turn it into highly defined audience types, sell directly to advertisers at higher rates, and be less reliant on Google and Facebook’s data and advertising...
Contextual vs Behavioral

Contextual vs. Behavioral Targeting: Building Trust and Revenue in a (Third-Party) Cookieless World

Why consider contextual vs. behavioral targeting when you can get the best of both worlds with a single data management...
Cookieless audience reach

The Art (and Certainty) of Data Clean Rooms for Cookieless Audience Reach

With the demise of 3rd party cookies, audience reach and targeting processes are evolving. See how data clean rooms are...
TripleLift acquires 1plusX

Two Heads Are Better Than One: TripleLift Acquires 1plusX

We just announced that TripleLift has acquired 1plusX – us! Together, we’ll help make first-party data actionable...
Data vs Security

Data Privacy vs. Data Security

Data privacy is about compliance with data regulations and laws vs data security is about measures an organization...
Data clean rooms

Your Advertiser’s Guide To Data Clean Rooms

All advertisers want to harness customer data in a profitable way. That’s where data clean rooms come in and we have...

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