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Data clean rooms

Your Advertiser’s Guide To Data Clean Rooms

All advertisers want to harness customer data in a profitable way. That’s where data clean rooms come in and we have your detailed guide...
First party data strategies

4 Ways to Enhance Your First-Party Data Strategy

Now more than ever, publishers should put first-party data at the forefront of their digital marketing strategies....

What a “Cookieless Future” Means for Marketers

Third-party cookies demise doesn't have to be doomsday. Here's what all marketers need to know about the transition...
Google pay

4 Ways Marketers Can Get an Edge on Personalization with First-Party Data

An ever-involving identity landscape needs to ensure consumer privacy. This can be achieved with an excellent...
Woman in Times Square

First-Party Data: A Marketer’s Guide To Engaging Consumer Experiences

With first-party data, you can retain customers, offer a hyper-personalized experience, and keep them coming back for...
Google announces Topics

Goodbye Google FLoCs, Hello 1plusX Topics

Google killed off FLoC and decided to replace it with Google Topics. 1plusX has its own Topics solution that delivers...

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