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Video advertising

6 Challenges to Make Data a Lever for Video Advertising

There are new challenges but also plenty of new opportunities when it comes to video advertising. We've got 6 ways to take advantage of wins....
The future of journalism

The Future of Journalism: How Ethics Can Drive Engagement

Transparency and trust will play a crucial role in the future of journalism. Here are 3 practical ethical principles...
Data collaboration

Data Collaboration — the Start of Something Bigger

Data collaboration combines data from various sources to gain deeper insight. See how 1plusx gives new consumer...

Marketing Predictions for Publishers and Advertisers in 2022

From real-time engagement to artificial intelligence, here are 7 marketing predictions to help publishers and...

How Advertisers Can Enhance their Holiday Marketing Strategies

The holiday season has begun. From Single’s Day to Christmas Day and everything in between, advertisers are getting...

Achieve 100% Audience Coverage with First-Party Data, Like Axel Springer

Each digital media player will face the impact of upcoming changes differently. Having tactics to cushion these...

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