Goodbye Google FLoCs, Hello 1plusX Topics

Google killed off FLoC and decided to replace it with Google Topics. 1plusX has its own Topics solution that delivers personalized content.

Google announces Topics

Google’s Federated Learning of Cohorts, also known as FLoC, is dead. In the words of Google, FLoC would enable “interest-based advertising on the web” without letting advertisers know your identity. Now that it’s been killed off, Google announced that it’ll replace it with something new: Topics. 

How Google Got to Topics

Ever since Google announced that it was getting rid of third-party cookies in Chrome by 2023, it’s been testing alternatives. FLoC was one of these potential alternatives. FLoC segmented every user into a “cohort” based on a user’s browsing history and seemed destined to lead the solution charge, despite controversy. However, jaws dropped worldwide when Google announced FLoC plans were scratched and instead introduced Topics. 

By determining user interests based on browsing history, Topics API plans to let participating publishers and their advertisers personalize ads against a limited number of relevant, regularly updated content topics. 

Well, 1plusX also has a Topic solution to offer better-targeted content. And while Google only provides around 300 topics, we provide unlimited topics. So let’s dive a little deeper. 

1plusX Topics Solutions

Publishers and advertisers expect solutions that enable them to reach and engage as many relevant users as possible. And as quickly as possible. Our dynamic real-time Topics portfolio gives publishers accelerated interest-based and contextual targeting options that offer a vast range of audience targeting and reach possibilities.

Our 6 Topics Features

  • On-Demand Topics to enable quick reaction to new campaign targeting opportunities in real-time. Save new or modified topics, then action them immediately against what interests audiences now. No waiting. No delay.
  • Real-Time Topics to build audiences based on sub-24h recencies. Build an audience of users who’ve interacted with a topic within the last 6 hours, then engage them further with other related content and advertising.
  • Semantic Topic Builder to bring clarity and refinement to potential audience reach. Play around with audience keyword matching in real-time, add, delete or discover keywords not previously considered. Choose quality over quantity by focusing on niche content and audience matches. Or delve further and uncover new or broader targeting opportunities.
  • Keyword Explorer to make it easy to check that a topic contains and reflects what was intended.
  • Ensure brand safety and suitability by swiftly excluding irrelevant pages or words.
  • Contextual targeting capabilities integrated into our Topics solutions lift the lid on what most interests audiences, creating supercharged targeting opportunities. As a result, publishers and advertisers can deliver the most relevant and personalized content and ads that help build audience trust, loyalty, and conversions.

Going cookieless doesn’t just have to be a new year’s resolution. You also don’t have to wait around for Google’s Topics either. Instead, choose a data and audience management partner that’s designed for a cookieless future. Reach and engage audiences today with personalized, relevant content and ads to achieve a better return tomorrow on digital investments and ad spend. 

See for yourself. Book a demo, and let us show you how you’ll immediately benefit from working with us!

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