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Jess Lawrence
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Ad Alliance extends cookie-free reach with 1plusX targeting boost
Joining forces with 1plusX has allowed Ad Alliance to future-proof its business and enhance the advertising value it delivers.
overall reach for key targeting segments
average accuracy against the target group measured by Meetrics
up to 70%
share of mobile German users in 20-39 age range target group

Ad Alliance is Germany’s number-one advertising sales house and the go-to partner for individual, cross-media brand communication. Over 500 media brands across five categories, whose portfolio reaches 99% of the German population are sold by Ad Alliance. It handles the advertising sales for the channels and offerings of Mediengruppe RTL Deutschland, Gruner+Jahr, SPIEGEL Gruppe, rtv media group and the video and technology specialist smartclip, a responsibility it takes very seriously and that spans all communication channels. At the heart of the portfolio are familiar, popular brands such as Stern, Chefkoch, Der Spiegel, RTL, ntv or TVNOW.

Keen to prepare for the post-cookie era as soon as possible, Ad Alliance began its partnership with 1plusX in 2019 to develop a smart first-party data strategy. Work since then has increased overall reach for key targeting segments by up to 30%, while campaigns for brands such as OTTO, Germany’s biggest online retailer, have delivered impressive accuracy against the target group of 92% (industry benchmark confirmed by Meetrics).


The aim of the Ad Alliance was to optimize the use of owned data, reduce complexity in processes and products in order to offer customers up-to-date data-based solutions to continue delivering relevant ads without third-party cookies. Achieving this, however, would involve tackling challenges with disjointed data stores. Reaching 99% of the German population, its portfolio of partners had plenty of scope to gather valuable audience insight, but information was often spread between multiple isolated pools and difficult to leverage.

Pulling down silos was therefore a core priority. Ad Alliance wanted to connect data from all sources in one central place to ensure simplified access and complete visibility. To keep up with varied advertising demands, the sales house also needed flexible control over data activation – including the capacity to use first-party data as the basis for building unique, high-quality audience segments and drive precise targeting across channels.


Ad Alliance required a multi-functional toolkit equipped to tick every box on its list: breaking down data silos, consolidating inventory from all publishers, and enabling custom targeting. Offering a versatile data management platform (DMP) and machine learning functionality, 1plusX was selected as the best option to implement an all-inclusive first-party data strategy.

In addition to instantly piecing together fragmented data, 1plusX brought the ability to provide refined cross-media targeting for bespoke high-quality audience segments, based on attributes such as age, gender, and income. Tapping its audience enrichment capability also allowed Ad Alliance to both forecast and extend segment size for each campaign, using lookalike modelling in combination with specific quality thresholds to ensure consistent precision.

The interoperability of 1plusX has also made collaboration simple. For example, when ecommerce platform OTTO wanted to launch a targeted age and gender campaign using verification from Meetrics, smooth integration allowed continuous monitoring. Using 1plusX technology, Ad Alliance was able to create dedicated segments, run lookalike modelling to boost targeting range, and enable ongoing assessment of audience accuracy.

“By adding the target group guarantee, we were able to achieve a significant increase in targeting quality and significantly exceed the original benchmark. This has produced standout results that mean we have no hesitation about continuing to use the segments month-by-month. Moreover, it has also proved to us the value of using quality thresholds and guarantees with advertising campaigns, which is a lesson we’ll be taking forward for future use.” Spokesperson from the agency BPN Deutschland, which carried out the campaign for OTTO.


Joining forces with 1plusX has allowed Ad Alliance to future-proof its business and enhance the advertising value it delivers. Now ready for the post-cookie dawn – whenever it arrives – the sales house can craft audience segments that align with any campaign need and offer a persistently high level of accuracy and granularity, for known and lookalike users. Following
audience expansion, it has also seen benefits of 30% extra reach across its portfolio.

Live since April 2021, the OTTO campaign alone has already delivered:

  • Reaching up to 70% share of mobile German users in the target 20-39 age range, as compared to 32% for standard run of network (RON) campaigns
  • Average accuracy against the target group of 92% (benchmark confirmed by Meetrics)
  • Substantial revenue, so that the campaign was continuously prolonged by the client from the first launch to date (August 2021)

“Thanks to the real-time capabilities of 1plusX, we have been able to increase our reach across key targeting segments based on age, gender and income variables up to 30%."

Arne Steinmetz, General Director, Client Services & Data Business Ad Alliance