Le Figaro Boosts Campaign Reach with 1plusX

Reach uplift for technology-related campaigns
Average reach uplift across all verticals


To address third-party cookie deprecation, finding alternative solutions for accurate audience profiling was a high priority for Le Figaro. The national publisher was experiencing greater pressure on CPMs driven by decreased reach and match rates as the industry moves away from third-party data.

To overcome these challenges, Le Figaro set out to find a data management platform (DMP) that could leverage third-party cookie data where available and apply a contextual targeting solution when necessary. They were also searching for a partner who could could help them build enriched audience segments and facilitate real-time first-impression targeting – all while ensuring GDPR compliance.


Tapping 1plusX for the task, Le Figaro used the platform’s real-time audience management, contextual targeting, and first impression targeting solutions to strengthen relevance, maximize impact, and enhance the user experience.  Thanks to the 1plusX platform‘s data enrichment and lookalike modeling capabilities, Le Figaro leveraged predictive analytics to deliver precise targeting solutions to connect with first-time users. As a result, Le Figaro was able to increase the value of its audiences and ad inventory for media agencies and advertisers.

The partnership with 1plusX enabled Le Figaro to access all available data to build relevant audience segments in a privacy-safe way. In addition, 1plusX’s interoperable technology approach aligned closely with the publisher’s existing operations. 1plusX also had extensive experience working with similar publishers in different markets, giving Le Figaro the confidence to reconsider some of its business and technology approaches.

1plusX helped Le Figaro to generate actionable data insights with the Raw Data Access tool and harness their data monetization potential. Over six months, 1plusX delivered a strategy across five campaigns focused on different verticals including technology, health, business, luxury, culture, and design.

1plusX’s data enrichment and lookalike modeling capabilities allowed Le Figaro to leverage predictive analytics and deliver precise targeting solutions to connect with first-time users.


With this new approach, Le Figaro generated an average audience reach increase of 38% across campaigns from all verticals, when compared to the results from the previous DMP targeting the same audience. For the technology vertical – where users are historically more likely to use ad-blocking –  the uplift reached an impressive 63%.   

Le Figaro intends to fully integrate its data with 1plusX’s platform. The decision was driven because of 1plusX’s delivery of remarkable improvements to impressions and reach, and because of their audience-building solutions in a privacy-safe ecosystem. Le Figaro is now looking to onboard 1plusX’s data solutions to more precisely engage app users. With Apple’s Identifier for Advertisers (IDFA) updates and declining mobile identifiers, finding consistent and sustainable ways to connect with and engage audiences long term is now a top priority for publishers. 

Digital publishers must evolve to continue to understand their audiences and balance personalized experiences with monetization strategies. This requires specific technology, a holistic approach to data and a strong partnership which we have found with 1plusX.

Damien Mangin, Chief Data Officer Figaro Group
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