Enhance and Expand Your First Party Data.
All with a Privacy First Mindset.

Our data management platform helps Publishers and Advertisers maximize their first-party data for precisely targeted audience activation in real-time.

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Maximize your first-party data. Close audience profile gaps. Identify untapped revenue opportunities.
Privacy safe data management has never been easier!


Understand your visitors

Get a 360° view of your audience. Demos, interests, and behavior for more personalized and targeted interactions.


Solve for the audience

Use our insights to engage your audience wherever they are.


Boost digital revenues

Discover new audiences and smash your sales targets. We make your first-party data work for you.

Our Superior AI

The 1plusX data management platform gives you unmatched, dynamic real-time audience insights.

Our platform ingests billions of user interactions and enriches your first-party data – all in real-time. We expand your data with highly accurate audience predictions so you understand who they are and what they care about. We connect the digital dots to help you deliver highly targeted advertising and increased revenue opportunities.

1plusX Platform


Clarity from chaos

Breakthrough digital noise with our sophisticated techniques that tell your data story in a human-friendly format.


Immediate impact

Get accurate socio-demographic predictions in real-time from the very first visit to take action at the right moment.


Resilient and robust

Extract your first-party data to run revenue on the data you actually own – bypassing third-party cookies.


Expanded reach

Monetize every impression with adaptive tracking, real-time, and first impression targeting.


Rich data modeling

Increase the value of every impression by finding new audiences with our Topics and Attributes tools.


Identity management

Avoid profile constraints to a browser and optimize the user experience.

How We Help

Our data processing technology empowers Media Owners and Buyers to predict and expand their audiences. Maximize your first-party data today – all while staying ahead of ever-evolving privacy and compliance regulations.



The more you know about your audience, the better you can engage them. Our end-to-end data solutions give you the tools to create powerful, targeted audience segments and messages that truly resonate.



Our data management platform helps you get the most from your first-party data – fast and at scale. We help Media Owners and Buyers discover new target audiences, increase reach, and deliver fresh revenue opportunities.

Our Customers

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Success Stories

+400% growth of targetable profiles
+12% YOY-revenue growth on selected data products
+ 45% CTR uplift

"Working with 1plusX has allowed RASP to combine our different first-party socio-demographic datasets to improve our age and gender predictions by up to 20% over our previous solution. Thanks to the flexibility of the 1plusX platform we are continually able to review and refine the model on which our predictions are based, which allows to improve the quality of our socio-demographic targeting even further."

Michal Cyrek Big Data Architect at Ringier Axel Springer Polska
+18% YOY growth in audience campaign sales
+100% CPM
2X-4X scale of audience segments

"Working with 1plusX allowed us to break free from several 3rd party data providers and switch to a 100% in-house data strategy in time for GDPR's enforcement. We were able to increase our targeting revenues by 18% while most media companies were experiencing shrinking revenues. Since the start of our collaboration, the CPM of targeting campaigns, as well as the value of data segments, has been on a steady rise."

Carsten Schwecke CEO of Axel Springer All Media GmbH & co. KG

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