First Party Data Enrichment

Our AI-powered data enrichment closes your first party data gaps, giving you complete, accurate audience views that reveal new targeting opportunities.

Enhance Audience Addressability Across Your Data Universe

To the untrained eye, all data looks the same. But it’s not. Some of it’s great, some is incomplete, some is outdated – and there is everything in between.

First party data enrichment perfects your first party data, combining and expanding it with other relevant information to fill gaps, deduplicate and create a complete profile of every audience member at scale. Powerful AI allows us to predict missing attributes, further enhancing your data using a combination of available and predicted sources.

Reduce third party data dependence

Generate a complete audience view in real-time from your first-party data, removing your reliance on third-party sources.

Create known addressable audiences

Know your audience and enhance their addressability with completed user profiles fine tuned for accuracy.

Automated but with full control

Our data enrichment solutions automatically transforms your audience data – just set the boundaries you're comfortable with and we do the rest.


Complete audience profiles

An incomplete user profile is an inefficient user profile. Where your first party data has gaps, we fill in those blind spots. Where it duplicates and overlaps, we consolidate. First party data enrichment works in real time, ensuring your first party audience insights are current, relevant and precise.


Go deeper

Whenever you’re missing an attribute, our AI-powered data enrichment solutions predict it to fill your gaps and make your data invincible. We predict and layer all kinds of enrichment, including:

  • Demographic data such as age, gender and income.
  • Interest data collected around your audience’s likes, preferences and content consumption
  • Intent data, such as the likelihood of a user taking a specific action

Each type of data enrichment helps different business goals. Choose the custom attributes enrichment you need to build better user segments, target more precisely a larger group of potential customers, and gain deeper insights about the audiences that achieve the best results for your business.


Make a great first impression

Data enrichment serves your segmentation and allows you to tailor your campaigns to the exact needs of your audience. Create personalized campaigns and adjust your advertising efforts to appeal to your target audience — our data enrichment solutions can be used in real-time for highly dynamic targeting across the global advertising ecosystem.

Success Stories

+400% growth of targetable profiles
+12% YOY-revenue growth on selected data products
+ 45% CTR uplift

‘’Working with 1plusX has allowed RASP to combine our different first-party socio-demographic datasets to improve our age and gender predictions by up to 20% over our previous solution.
Thanks to the flexibility of the 1plusX platform we are continually able to review and refine the model on which our predictions are based, which allows to improve the quality of our socio-demographic targeting even further.’’

Michal Cyrek Big Data Architect at Ringier Axel Springer Polska
+400% growth of targetable profiles
+12% YOY-revenue growth on selected data products

"Working with 1plusX allowed us to break free from several 3rd party data providers and switch to a 100% in-house data strategy in time for GDPR's enforcement. We were able to increase our targeting revenues by 18% while most media companies were experiencing shrinking revenues. Since the start of our collaboration, the CPM of targeting campaigns, as well as the value of data segments, has been on a steady rise."

Carsten Schwecke CEO of Axel Springer All Media GmbH & co. KG

Unlock the Full Value of your Data

Let's build your first-party data strategy together.

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