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Safe and secure strategic partner data collaborations
for supercharged audience reach and outcomes that you control.

Connect and Extend
your data collaborations

Yours. Theirs. Ours. When different parties have synchronicities – like Advertisers and Publishers – it makes sense to connect data for even greater audience reach and campaign effectiveness. 1plusX Connect is designed to do just that.

We custom-fit your first party data with trusted partner data in a secure, protected environment, delivering new reach and revenue opportunities.

Flexible data onboarding

Decide which data to ingest into your Data Vault based on your needs.

Complete control

Choose your most relevant data set and your preferred collaboration partner using our intuitive UI.

Clean room technology and connectivity

Match the separated Data Vault data sets by available identifiers in a secure clean room set up using our advanced technology.

AI-powered use cases

Leverage shared customer knowledge at scale including for simple retargeting or to explore high quality look-alike audiences.


Build a strong data bridge as a collaboration infrastructure

When digital players empower their own audience data and insights through strategic collaborations, the results are commercial benefits for all.

Get more from your first party data by connecting it with other robust data sets from trusted players such as Publisher partners, in a safe and secure environment. You decide which data – from web to app, CRM and TV – is most relevant for your campaigns and objectives. This is how you achieve true data collaboration and a win-win for both Media Buyers and Owners.


Level up your advertising and expand your audience reach

Inside your own Data Vault, you get to choose which users and audiences suit a specific advertising campaign. Then, as overlapping data is matched on both sides through our secure clean room, our leading AI technology comes into play. Deep knowledge about customer behavior and characteristics, and the intersection between the two partners, deliver brand new, high quality audiences for different advertising use cases – from classic retargeting to expanded audience reach.


Safe and secure infrastructure

A strong collaborative partnership is based on trust. Our Connect infrastructure is built on a Privacy First mindset. giving every partner control over their data in a separate and locked Data Vault. Only you have access. Matching is done through a standalone safe and secure data clean room, which means you can nurture the commercial upsides of your customer data without putting it at risk. Everything we do adheres to consumer privacy choices and keeps you compliant with global privacy rules.

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