Privacy First

A privacy first mindset is the foundation of all digital relationships.
1plusX is founded on the principles of data confidentiality and integrity, ensuring that our clients can rest easy knowing that security safeguards are our highest priority - for them and their global audiences.

It's in our DNA

Whenever dealing with your user data, privacy first is what drives everything we do.

Our products are designed with consumers in mind, ensuring easy opt-outs and control over how their data is managed to ensure trust in your operations. Privacy first is embedded in our DNA. From data processing to audience activation, our safeguards are best in class at every touchpoint.

Performance without boundaries

Do business with the EU, US, Brazil and anywhere, without any regulatory concerns. We continually monitor the global privacy landscape and proactively embed new standards, so you’re always ahead of legislative changes with data compliance.

Aligned to your operations

We fully integrate into your privacy workflow through our privacy framework APIs, ensuring consistency and minimizing the compliance risk.

Privacy as opportunity

Leverage our inbuilt compliance and turn privacy into an opportunity that yields a financial and competitive advantage for your business.


Data compliance, without compromise

Trust us with your data. We’re fully compliant with all privacy regulations, including GDPR, CCPA and LGPD, and our industry leading privacy features are certified under the IAB TCF v2.0 Framework. This is the gold standard of data protection for consumers, publishers, and MarTech vendors, ensuring great choice and transparency over how data is used and managed. Our certifications assure regulatory compliance, no matter where you operate.


Honor your users’ trust

Data privacy matters to your users. Few will do business with a company if they have concerns about its security practices. It’s not just a matter of legal compliance – it’s a major driver for business growth. Our goal is to reduce the challenges of upholding your privacy values instead of adding to them. We don’t wait for laws to drag the truth out about how data is stored, used, and processed – we actively embrace transparency as a way to earn online users’ trust.


Proactive for your peace of mind

Privacy laws are constantly changing, and our game-changing products help publishers and advertisers tackle current and emerging challenges while remaining on the right side of regulation. We’re constantly scouring the privacy landscape to ensure we meet our obligations and you meet your obligations. Our proactive approach helps you use our products with confidence, knowing your data is legal, ethical, and consented to.

Success Stories

+400% growth of targetable profiles
+12% YOY-revenue growth on selected data products
+ 45% CTR uplift

‘’Working with 1plusX has allowed RASP to combine our different first-party socio-demographic datasets to improve our age and gender predictions by up to 20% over our previous solution.
Thanks to the flexibility of the 1plusX platform we are continually able to review and refine the model on which our predictions are based, which allows to improve the quality of our socio-demographic targeting even further.’’

Michal Cyrek Big Data Architect at Ringier Axel Springer Polska
+400% growth of targetable profiles
+12% YOY-revenue growth on selected data products

"Working with 1plusX allowed us to break free from several 3rd party data providers and switch to a 100% in-house data strategy in time for GDPR's enforcement. We were able to increase our targeting revenues by 18% while most media companies were experiencing shrinking revenues. Since the start of our collaboration, the CPM of targeting campaigns, as well as the value of data segments, has been on a steady rise."

Carsten Schwecke CEO of Axel Springer All Media GmbH & co. KG

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