Our products help companies to deliver the right content or service to the right user at the right time.

We apply machine learning technology to learn and derive accurate insights about your users. Our algorithms also allow you to predict future interactions of your audiences with your digital assets.

Be it an ad, served at the right time, an article tailored to the user’s interest, a relevant product recommendation or any other type of digital service, we provide the base technology.

Our insights delivered to you will create an immediate value directly in your infrastructure. It results in a better user experience, a higher conversion rate along the purchase funnel or reduced advertising spend.

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What makes our products different?

  • Artificial Intelligence is the DNA of our data management platform
  • Our products are all quality and metric driven
  • Data is processed in our real-time data processing pipeline
  • Data and insights are at any time owned by our customer
  • We are fully compliant with European data regulations