Privacy Policy


The protection of user privacy is very important to us. We will adhere to all relevant Swiss and European laws and regulations. To do so, we have—and will continue to do so— implemented appropriate engineering mechanisms, business processes, industry standards, and best practices.

1plusX adheres to the Europe-wide principles of the EDAA, the Online Behavioural Advertising (OBA) Framework.

This Privacy Policy is to explain how we, the 1plusX AG and its services, collect and use user data, how we ensure data security, and what choices users have about their data.


The data we use for our services is collected through our partners or through our website. Partners can be companies that use our audience analytics technology to improve their advertising services and recommendation abilities or companies specialised in data collection that we use to expand our analytical processing. Data coming from our partners is either collected using specific services from us or through their own collection efforts.

Data collection is done via cookies and pixels by using the respective technology. A cookie is a key (data string) stored on a user’s web browser and a pixel is a code to indicate a browser’s online activities.

We differentiate between personal data and non-personal data.


Personal data is data about a user that directly relates to information about the identity, i.e. the natural person, of the user. Personal data is for example the full name, the email address, or the telephone number of the user. We only actively collect personal data through our website, e.g. contact us form, provided to us by the user, but we may receive and process personal user data provided to us by our partners, given the explicit consent of the user (see next section, Data Usage).


Through our services, we collect and record non-personal data, i.e. data that does not relate to information about the identity of a user, for example, data about a certain website of one of our partners a user visited. The recorded data is assigned to an identification number (ID). This ID is not linked to an individual or user. Even jointly, the ID and all related non-personal data we have about a user can not identify the identity of an individual or user.


Personal data will not be used for advertising purposes and will not be transferred to third parties unless the user has given us or our partners his explicit consent. In cases where we are legally required to provide personal user data, we will comply. If third parties use personal data provided by us, they will only have limited access insofar as to fulfil their services.

We use non-personal data to deliver so called audience analytics services to our customers or partners where they are used to enhance the delivery of relevant advertising, content or simply improve the user experience, among others.


We collect and record data in adherence to the highest security standards. For example, all data is only transmitted securely and saved in a safe environment, that is continuously audited and accredited by security experts. We protect against any unauthorised access, use or disclosure with both technical and organisational measures.


While we actively communicate our high data and privacy protection standard to our partners, via contractual agreements and otherwise, the partners themselves are responsible for adhering to them and therefore we cannot be held responsible or liable for a breach of our Privacy Policy by one of our partners.


To prevent cookie-based data collection, the user can always change the settings of their devices and/ or browsers to reject the storing of cookies. Once stored, the user may as well choose to delete the cookies stored on his device.

We also offer a one click opt-out solution for our users to conveniently opt-out of tracking by 1plusX. Upon opt-out by the user, we still refrain from collecting any further data about the user until the user decided to opt-in again.

Both, opt-in and opt-out, can be managed via the “Your Ad Choices” management by our partner Your Online Choices.

To opt-out (or opt-in), click here.

The user can at any time request information about the personal data we have recorded about this user, can request the deletion of this data, and can withdraw any data usage consent by contacting

This privacy policy is being managed actively and might therefore change to incorporate new data protection regulations or new privacy related processes we chose to establish.

Last updated: November 30, 2016