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Success Stories

Logo of Hoy Digital

Hoy Success Story

Read how we increased revenue for Mediaschneider / Hoy by 6%, using just our predictive capabilities.

Logo of Admeira

Admeira Success Story

Let us show you how we quadrupled the reach of Switzerland’s largest Media Reselling company.

White Papers

1plusX GDPR White Paper Cover

GDPR White Paper

GDPR is about to make big waves in the European digital advertising industry. Read up on how 1plusX can help you convert the challenges into opportunities.

1plusX Cross Device White Paper Cover

Cross-Device White Paper

Cross-device tracking is a game-changer. See what techniques are available, and how we make the fullest use of them.


1plusX DMP Factsheet Cover


1plusX DMP

Explore what the 1plusX DMP can do and how it takes classical DMPs to the next level using Machine Learning.

1plusX Audience Building & Optimization Factsheet Cover


Audience-building & Optimisation

Discover how you can create highly personalised content for each of your users using our Audience Building and Optimisation toolset.

1plusX User Insights Factsheet Cover


User Insights

Classic DMPs can only extract a fraction of the available insights in your data. We show you how 1plusX actively learns about your users at a much more detailed level.

1plusX Item Profiles Factsheet Cover


Item Profiles

1plusX does not only learn about your users, it learns about your website too. Check out how it can understand and relate your content to your users.

1plusX Cross Device Tracking Factsheet Cover


Cross-device Tracking

If you’re curious about how we do cross-device tracking, here we explain how we approach the topic. Don’t forget to read our whitepaper at the top of the page too!

1plusX Raw Data Access Layer Factsheet Cover


Raw Data Access

Prefer to get your hands dirty? Directly access your raw detailed data using the standardised interface we provide.

1plusX Semtantic Targeting Factsheet Cover


Semantic Targeting

Semantic targeting is a whole new way to create audiences. Simply enter relevant keywords, and our algorithms automatically match the relevant content for your audience. See how we do it in this factsheet.

1plusX Data Consolidation Factsheet Cover


Data Consolidation

Third-party data sources can be directly integrated into the 1plusX platform. See how our dashboard puts powerful tools at your disposition to leverage these additional data sources.

1plusX Audience Expansion Factsheet Cover


Audience Expansion

The most powerful 1plusX feature ever. Take any reference audience and expand it intelligently. See what else this functionality can help you do.

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