Predictive Platform

Our machine learning systems can provide you with testable, custom predictions on how your users will interact with your assets (products, services, articles, advertisements, ...). We can predict which one of your assets will be most attractive to each user or predict future customer value.

We work with you to continuously improve the predictions by always comparing the predictions to later observed behaviour.

Our predictions are provided in a format that can easily be integrated in your systems, to enable personalization of web pages, provision of recommendations, to optimize advertising campaigns or improve real time bidding.

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These predictions will be tailored to your specific use cases and requirements. Example use cases are:

  • Predicting which of your assets are most interesting for a user to enable personalization of web sites or optimization of shopping experiences
  • Predicting which users to target for churn prevention or upselling campaigns
  • Predicting expected customer value / usage of a specific product, allowing you to optimize marketing spend for each user