Item Profiles

Users actions and movements on your online assets can provide a wealth of insights into the types of people who are most interested in your products, services, content or advertisements (we call these “items”). Typically this information is ignored and product or marketing managers make decisions on product interest based on stereotypes or unproven hypotheses.

Our unique algorithms and systems are built to optimally extract profile information for each of your “items” and provide it back to you in an actionable, visual format. This enables you to make critical product and marketing decisions based on observed facts instead of hypotheses.

We provide you with insights on the sociodemographics, the interests and activity of the most interested users for each of your “items”. This knowledge of the actual audience can then be used to refine product development or to guide advertising campaigns and even make predictions.

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What makes our products different?

  • Item Profile calculation including sociodemographic, statistics and custom attributes
  • Visual exploration for items and item-to-user interaction and item-to-audience correlations along various dimensions
  • Real-time processing pipeline
  • Batch or API delivery of item profiles