Audience Optimization

Today, customers expect to only be served with content that is relevant to them. We provide simple tools that help you create and manage any audience you need. You can choose the combination of attributes that best identify your audience. Granular controls allow you to manage the trade off between quality and reach.

Any audience can be optimized using our advanced machine learning systems. The audience will be dynamically adjusted to optimize for your chosen performance metric - click, conversion or customer value.

Our audience system is integrated with major platforms allowing you to make use of them for a campaign or for other applications like recommendation or personalisation. With a single click, the audience can be pushed periodically to your target platform.

All of these audiences are updated in real-time, always based on the latest event from each user. This ensures that your audiences remain relevant.

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What makes our products different?

  • Algorithms based on machine learning allow to maximize the quality of each generated audience
  • Integration with the largest national panels to allow you to measure the quality
  • Optimization for various performance metrics
  • Generation of audiences with visual query builder using any combination of profile and custom attributes
  • Fine-tuning of audiences with quality and reach possible
  • Real-time updates of audiences